Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Investing Blog

I decided the best way to keep my blog focused, was actually to split it into two.  The information contained in Bangin's Believers will continue to have a self improvement focus, while my new investing blog, called The Dice, will have it's own new address at

I'd love for you to join, and follow both, but also understand that certain people are only interested in certain advice.  Both blogs are equally important in my eyes, as they can both go a long way to improving your own quality of live while you are on this planet.

Stay tuned for much more to come.  I'm currently working on a fictional story, that I will probably have to release in three parts.  As usual any real life topic that bugs me, or pops into my head, will be discussed, and added.

Thanks for reading.


Bangins Believers
The Dice


  1. looking forward to reading your story.. glad to have found you at you can find me at

  2. I followed your blog today. Thanks for reading mine. If you'd ever like to link exchange, let me know.