Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obsessed With The Best

It must be possible to have a thought, that no one else has ever had before.  New ideas seemingly come out of nowhere, but the brain produces a new idea at some point, or there would be no human progression at all.  I find it fascinating that at any one moment in time, one of us, could have a completely original idea, that could change the course of history.

I would bet the breakdown of original ideas, goes something like this.  The majority of people never have a truly, original thought.  Remember we are talking thoughts that no person throughout history has ever had, those should be considered rare.  The people that are lucky enough to have a completely original thought, probably have many, many more in their lifetime.  It would not surprise me if the majority of original thoughts, we're created by only 5% of the total population, alive or dead.

These great thinkers had minds that weren't closed, and weren't impacted by negative energy.  The better condition your mental state, the better the ecosystem for a great idea to formulate.  It's proven fact that our brains function much more efficiently in a positive mental state, then a negative one.  An overall negative perspective, a general lack of intelligence, or past trauma, all would negatively affect original thought.

Thought itself should be moral, pure, and unbiased.  Children have some of the greatest ideas, because they are not taking into account so many different variables.  A lot of times, the simplest thought, is actually the most correct one.  Let's say it's Christmas Day.  Your whole family is getting together, but there's a bunch of in-fighting.  People are getting grouchy because the food is delayed.  Everybody is bitching.  A frustrated 5 year old might pipe up "could you guys just please, stop fighting, and be nice to each other?"

It's a simple thought, a simple solution, and a simple question, but it carries a ton of weight.  In this case a 5 year old would be the wisest person in the room.  The idea itself is perfect.  It reminds you how petty your squabbles are.  It reminds you how much you love your family.  It reminds your of what's important.  Best of all, if you listen, the time your currently having, would improve substantially, right now, in the present.  They might not be able to articulate it as well, but there idea is better than yours, and they are only 5 years old.  Don't get too hung up on the source of the message, as long as, it is moral, and unbiased.

I suggest I have had truly original thoughts, no matter how stupid the thought itself might be.  There are times when I stop myself, inside my own brain, and think "I know no one has ever had this thought before, ever." That's a pretty magical thing really.  I don't take it for granted.

I'm obsessed with the best.  People use words like "best" lightly all the time.  "You're the best." They might say.  But am I?  Am I really the absolute best?  Probably not.  But, someone has to be.

Right now on this planet there is someone who is the best.  It can only be one person of course because the best is singular.  If another person somehow became better, the person who used to be the best, would now be 2nd best.  But that person really isn't 2nd best, because as soon as this new person became the best, they actually became "2nd to the best".  They are no longer a best, they aren't even a 2nd best, because that implies, they are some form of best, however, we know this to be impossible.

You have to be thinking outside the box, and I'm suggesting most never do.  Who has had the best kiss?  The best love?  The best sex?  The best time?  All these questions have real answers.  Real people behind them.  Is there really only one person who has had the best kiss ever, Bangin?  Yes, absolutely, and it was the freakin' best kiss ever.

But people having sex, or kissing, that takes two people, so really two people experienced the best right?  Nope.  Are you certain your reading carefully enough?  Even the same two people, who share the best kiss, only one of them, truly experienced, the best kiss ever.  The best is singular in every regard.  One of them enjoyed the kiss more than the other, and that person, had the best kiss.  Get it?

I wonder who had the best bacon and eggs ever, before the year 1900?  This is my attempt at proving, completely original thought can happen right now.  Do you think anyone else has had this thought before? At first glance, I'd say no, but there are billions of people, so who can say for certain?  If a thought this ridiculous, isn't original, you can imagine how difficult it is, to truly have an original thoughts.

Great thoughts are formed the same way as stupid ones are;  by being open minded, and focusing your thoughts.  I imagine many seemingly dumb ideas, have led to absolute breakthroughs.

New thoughts are magical, even stupid ones, because they expand your mind.  A seemingly stupid, or funny thought, no one has ever had, could lead into full blown innovation very easily, when you keep your mind open.  You could think up a new joke, that leads you to a solid business idea.  Or you could tell that joke to someone, and they could run with it, forming a new idea.

Original thinking is important to me.  I'm thankful I have been born in an environment that has given me every opportunity to expand my intellect, in a safe, supportive  environment.  Original thought is about the most amazing thing you can leave on this planet.  The problem is, you have to be brave enough to speak up, and get people to hear you.  If your thought is completely original, and no one ever hears it, it will guaranteed have no impact.

It takes a massive amount of guts to have an original idea, but even more guts to voice it.  Look back through history, people that have gone against the grain, for the most part, haven't faired so well.  Humanity as a whole, resists change, and resists new ideas.  I want you to be someone who speaks up for what they believe in, even when it's difficult.  Also keep your mind as open as possible.  For each great new idea humanity has had, there are probably five more, that were buried, because humanity is a bad incubator for original ideas.  Our natural reaction is to condemn and discredit, rather than support, and inquire.  The road less travelled is absolutely the hardest one, no doubt about out it, but I wouldn't trade it for the street in a million years.

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  1. Bangin,

    My original thought is perhaps x-rated...so I will simply say,I think I enjoy your intellect the best.
    I don't know...is that an original thought?