Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visionaries Vanish

Standing up for what you believe in, could cost you your life.  It's a sad, and scary statement; history proves it true.  Many great thinkers, leave this planet far too quickly.  Visionaries like JFK, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, to name a very small few.  100's of political leaders around the world.  You speak your mind, and start moving masses, you better watch your back.

We cannot afford to lose our greatest talents.  Life is a battle between good and evil after all, and in the war, these are our strongest Generals.  These freethinkers not only have incredible insight, they weren't afraid to voice it.  It's everybody's job to protect them.  At least if you're fighting for the good team.

Photo from Kel Trustnoone

The first step, is at least acknowledging the fact, that if your ideas are intelligent, radical, and you have influence, you will be targeted.  Who is doing the targeting?  People who fear change.

The change they fear, could cost them power, money, or a change in lifestyle.  It could cost them a lot of things.  Always keep in mind though, that what these people want, is to be selfish.  They are willing to sacrifice the greater good of humanity, in favour of bettering themselves.  Over the years, Visionaries have succumb to psychos, religious zealots, hired guns, and political agendas.  Whether they knew it or not, they were all fighting for the "dark side".

Visionaries have traits that can't be denied.  They're honest.  You can see it in their expressions, and hear it in their voice tone.  When they speak, you're compelled to listen.  They inspire you.  When you combine all this, you realize, for the most part their thinking is correct.  They have a vision with pure intent, it's sole purpose to better humanity.   It's rare that we get to really talk about what's important to us.  These leaders could stand up on a stage, and change people's minds.  Power is okay, as long as your message is sincere, and your actions are true.

Photo from SodaHead

People minds are incredibly hard to change in one regard, and very easy in the other.  All of us normal folk, want a better life for all of us.  We realize that we are lucky to even have what we do.  That doesn't mean however, we forget our quality of life could be much better, by an order of magnitude.  We have vision of a greater tomorrow.  I see a world where we can use as much power as we want, without the environmental repurcussions.  Where nearly everyone is happy, and non-judgemental, and is free to live the way they want.  That's what I'm working towards.  What about you?

Many of these Visionaries changed the course of humanity, and did so for the better.  They influenced not only the generations on this planet, but all the future ones to come.  You can change humanity forever.  Only a select few ever have.   Is there anything more important than that?


  1. Very much right. The world has always opposed visionaries who tried to bring about a change. But only some manage to break these shackles and actually bring about a change. The rest are just ignored or forgotten.

  2. Great article, JBangin, you are definitely correct.
    It is true, for the most part, that people don't like 'change'. Change is unknown and often it is feared. If anyone represents an enormous change in the status quo's way of life; the fear, anxiety,and negative energy is blasted back at those specific Visionaries at full throttle. It is sad, but true which can be seen throughout history as you have pointed out.

    It does take great courage,faith and an unrelenting spirit to make a change that will better humanity if it comes to fruition. That is why, at least, the ones who have made a difference are revered by those of us who want a difference to be made.

    I respect and admire the great Visionaries and I think we are waiting, subconsiously, with bated breath for the next great Visionary to step up. I know Obama is one...but there will be more. I know it! What about in Canada, who do we have?

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